About – Brian Saviano


Marketing Consultant


My first experience in the mortgage business began back in 1995 where I started out as telemarketer while I was in college. I later rejoined the mortgage industry as a loan originator for over 7 years. I literally saw first hand a mortgage bubble and bust and gained tremendous insight. As a salesman, I got tired of having big fluctuations in my income as well as my production. Seemed like one good month followed by a bad month because I spent all my time trying to get everything closed. I knew their had to be a better way and I began developing systems to replicate the monotony and help me achieve a higher level of success.

I began attending seminars from the gurus and investing my fair share to learn the marketing gambit.  When the market crashed, I began working with an attorney where I helped generate leads to help those facing foreclosure.  It was a rewarding experience because I got to see and test first hand what worked and what didn't.  

Always being an independent thinker, I decided to bring my expertise to local businesses and help them grow their business. That's where Trackable Results was formed.  At Trackable Results, we build automated systems that help increase production by eliminating a lot of the tedious and repetitive tasks required to grow a sales pipeline and position my clients as the obvious expert so they can achieve the lifestyle they deserve.