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How to Get More Calls From Your Website

One of the secrets to getting more traffic to your website is by having quality backlinks pointing to your website. Unfortunately, not everyone knows where to get those from. So in this video, you will discover a little known way to outrank your competitors. You see by having the right mix of links pointing your website, you can drastically overtake your competitors.  SEO could pretty much be a numbers game if you have the right links pointing to your website.  

Additionally you want to have the right keywords on your website and have them in the right format.  Follow the tips on these videos and you will discover how to outrank 90% of your competitors.

What to Do When Your Realtors Aren’t Sending You Business

The mortgage business can be one of the most lucrative businesses if you are able to consistently close new loans every month.  But it can quickly turn into a disaster if your loans fall apart at the last minute or your lead inflow gets disrupted. I went through this cycle many times myself.  Some months were good, some were not so good.

The reality is, is that as originators, we tend to go from no loans to a lot of loans fairly quick. When your pipeline fills up, as you very well know, you’re often disrupted by working on your pipeline to make sure your existing loans actually close. When this happens, there’s a natural tendency to neglect prospecting and while you may end up closing all your existing loans, you often end up with no loans for the next month.  As a result, your income is like a constant roller coaster. One month up, next month down.

Do You Really Have a Business?

After years of frustration, I figured out that the secret to consistently getting new loans was to have systems in place that bring you in new loans each and every month.  Ideally the best solution is to have four different pillars in place so that if one gets shut down, you have 3 others to count on.

As a loan originator, it is hard to fall for the low hanging fruit.  When rates were low, many LO’s neglected realtors because quite frankly they didn’t need them.  Once rates started going up and there weren’t many refi’s left, there seemed to be a whole flock or loan officers chasing after realtors often begging for business.

Now that rates have gone up and purchases seem to have come to a standstill many are left scratching their heads wondering, “What Just Happened?”

If this feels like your situation right now, continue on till the end because I’m going to show you how to finally fix this and put an end to the madness.  

How to End the Madness

Earlier I mentioned having four pillars in place to continue growing your business. So what are these four pillars.  The truth is, your four pillars may be different then the guy sitting next to you because everyone is different.

Your pillars may consist of multiple things but here are some examples:

  • Marketing to Realtors
  • Marketing to Your Database
  • Running Facebook or other Paid Ads
  • First Time Home Buyer Seminars
  • Reverse Mortgage Seminars
  • Mailers to Renters
  • Attending Networking Events
  • Ranking in th Search Engines (where people looking for mortgages can find you)
  • Marketing to Real Estate Investors
  • Marketing to CPA’s and Financial Planners
  • Having your own Radio Program
  • Here is one often overlooked, Marketing to Divorce Attorneys


These are just a few. While some of them may be out of reach for you, you really have to pick out the ones that are most congruent with you, your skill set,your contacts and the products you offer. So how do you put your four pillars to work for you?

You probably already have a database, but let me ask you a question.  Are you consistently marketing to your database? Meaning do you have a system that allows you to consistently send out emails or monthly newsletters to stay in front of them? If not, marketing to your database should be the first place you start and could easily be your first pillar.

The next most logical pillar would be to start marketing to real estate agents. Obviously emails are great but to seperate yourself from the rest of the other loan officers that are calling your agents, you need to use different modalities for following up with them. In addition to calling or visiting them regularly, you should have a system set up that allows you to contact them regularly with multiple touches.

Since email rates only on average have about a 15% open rate, your marketing should also consist of sending SMS messages where open rates have been reported as high as 90% opening within the first 10 minutes. You may even want to consider using ringless voicemails so they get used to hearing from you from multiple places.  The more they see you, the more they will feel like they know you and that’s where the magic starts to happen.

Now how you build the last two pillars depends on you.  Most of the methods listed above, rely on someone else giving you a referral.  While referrals are great, they are often not predictable. What I like to do is turn the table so people that are looking for my help actually call me.

How to Turn the Tables Get People in Your Area Calling You Looking for Loans

Let’s face it, everyone has their mobile phones glued to their hip, if not their hand.  In fact you may even be reading this on your mobile phone now. So why not be found on your prospective prospects mobile phone?

When you people have a need, they almost always turn to their mobile device looking for answers.  In fact, many statistics show mobile searches for local businesses have surpassed that of desktop searches.  By being found on your prospects mobile phones, you can quickly turn the tables and have inbound calls from people in your local area looking for your help. This is what the typical Google My Business Listing looks like.

Because people often Google everything, you should start by positioning your company’s Google My Business Listing (GMB). Claiming your listing is free and you should claim yours. Because there are only three to four spots (one being an ad) it is important that you work on optimizing your listing.  (While there are many different ways for that, we will discuss that in another post FREE REPORT)

But here is a simple hack to get more calls…

Before I give you the simple hack, let me ask you. In the picture above, who would you choose for your lender? Go ahead and take a quick look now. (Come on it will only take a second). Well who did you choose.  I’m not psychic but I’m going to guess you chose Vault Mortgage Group. How do I know this? Well the answer is blatantly obvious and if you ever read Robert Cialdini’s #1 Best Selling Book on Influence, you would know that people rely on social proof.

Here look again:

Look when dealing with people’s mortgage, it’s a private thing.  Getting a mortgage requires pulling one’s credit and seeing how they pay their bills or if they even pay.  It can tell you a lot about that person and their spending habits. You also are required to ask for your clients bank statements and tax returns.  These are all very personal and everyone fears having their identity stolen. So by having multiple and consistent 5 star reviews for your business, you can turn the tables and have more people calling you. My bet is Vault Mortgage gets a huge number of inbound calls each month from people in their area.

Having a well optimized GMB listing and multiple reviews is a great start. If you need help with your GMB listing or just want help getting more reviews, click here.  The next best place to start is having a website. I’m not talking about having a canned website, I mean having one that actually shows your business, your staff, you, the process and even testimonials from other satisfied clients (remember Cialdini’s Social Proof concept).

Your website should have pictures of you, your office and staff to give people an idea of who they are working with. Since buying a home is one of the largest investments most people make, why not make your job a little easier by giving them more than just a reassuring voice over the phone.

I can assure you the call you get from someone who went to Google, looked up your company and decided to call you is an entirely different phone call than the one you get from a cold call or buying mortgage leads. And sorry to say, buying leads is not a strategy. It may help grease the wheels but you are always competing on price, rather than being seen as the obvious expert in your area. Building a solid online presence for your business should be a one of your pillars and all efforts should be based around building that up, so more people call your practice daily.

I hope you found this article helpful and if you need help marketing your business, go ahead and request a free consultation by clicking here.

So what are your pillars?

P.S. Without having these systems in place, I hate to say it, but you really don’t have a business. That’s why it is important to start implementing these systems in your business.