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Should a You Invest in Billboards

We all see those big billboards as we drive down the highway. Perhaps you’ve even dreamed of having your ad on some of them. I mean wouldn’t it be great to let the whole city know who you are? In this short article, you will discover whether investing in billboards is right for you or not.

As a Personal Injury Attorney, you want as much exposure as possible.While billboards certainly give you exposure, they may not necessarily give you the returns you may hope for. You see, having billboards is expensive because you are paying for all the eyeballs that pass your board every day. 

Is a billboard sustainable?

Unfortunately most of the people passing will not have a need for your services at the time and if they do, how many will actually call you? And unless you have a number like 222-twenty two twenty two, most people may not remember your number. And with many billboards being electronic these days, chances are the board may change before someone even gets a chance to write down your number.

Yeahs sure if you’re a big firm that’s won many big cases, you can afford to foot the bill for the billboards waiting for that one case to come in. Yet because most personal injury cases take so long to settle, not many firms can afford to foot the bill for so long.  Being a personal injury attorney these days is cut throat. 

In order to have a successful personal injury practice, you need to have a proven system that you can count on to consistently generate new leads. Hoping is not a strategy. You see the firms that do best have consistent lead flow.  You don’t always get the guy who got slammed by a BP truck, therefore you must take some of the smaller cases to keep the lights on while you’re waiting for the big one. Besides that, you can make a nice living working enough of the right cases each month. The challenge is, how do you get them coming in the door each month.

Can you track the results from your billboard?

While running billboards may be profitable, there are some issues many lawyers have experienced and may not even realize. First off, if you have multiple billboards, how do you know which one is producing the results? Remember with all marketing, your advertising dollars must be trackable and measurable. Meaning if you spend $X, you get Y calls and Z cases. One of the biggest mistakes I see most P.I. attorneys make is they neglect their tracking.  A good way to do this is with a good call tracking system, where you can see which billboards brought in the most calls and eliminate your marketing budget on less performing ones.

Can you slow them down or speed them up?

Furthermore if it could take over a year to get a settlement, you need to have the reserves to sustain the cost.  The cost of billboards is expensive and if you don’t have the funds to commit to them for a while, you may not generate the returns required to keep them going. And what happens if you get too busy, you can’t just shut off the billboard.  Or what if you want to increase the leadflow you are getting one week?  Can you lease a billboard for a week?

Are there better uses for your budget?

While you may be getting the exposure from your billboard, what you may not realize is that the overwhelming majority of people who see the billboards may not be looking for your help.  What if you could invest your resources where the people were actually looking for a personal injury attorney?  Wouldn’t that make more sense?

You see nearly every American has a cell phone these days. In fact, most have smartphones which have the internet on there. When they have a need, they almost always turn to their cell phone when looking for help.  What if you could put your ads on those who are looking for you’s cellphone like you can with Google Ads? 

While you will get substantially less eyeballs, with Google Ads, those who see your ads will be going to Google because they are actually looking for a personal injury attorney and chances are the majority of them will have an injury they want to get compensated for. Now wouldn’t that be a better use of your ad spend? 

With Google Ads, you can turn them up when you want more leads, turn them down when you are busy and you have the ability to display your ads to those same people who actually visited your site for up to one year after they clicked your ad. When you stop paying for your billboards, how long does your ad last?

While there is no right or wrong answer on whether billboards work, the reality is that they may not be suitable for most personal injury attorneys. With a fraction of the budget it costs to run billboards, you can put your ads in front of people who are actually looking for your help.

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