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Mortgage Marketing Strategies From Brian Saviano

Real Strategies That Help Attract and Convert More Leads to Closed Loans

Who is Brian Saviano?

Brian Saviano is a digital marketer that specializes in helping mortgage brokers improve their productivity in their day to day activities so they can consistently bring in new clients and close more loans.  As the monotony of the mortgage business can bring many ups and downs, having the right systems in place can dramatically improve your efficiency as a loan originator.

As a former loan originator for more than 7 years, Brian brings a vast experience to you and can help you with... 

  • Increase Your Lead Generation
  • Automate Your Follow Up
  • Position You as the Go-To Expert in Your Area
  • Getting More Traffic and Visibility to Your Business

What do Brian Saviano's Marketing Strategies Involve? 

Our program is designed to help take your mortgage production to the next level. 

We all know the mortgage business can be extremely lucrative. The problem most loan officers face is that they are too busy working in their business and often end up focusing on things that are outside their control.  Instead they should be making and maintaining contacts with their prospective and referring realtors, existing clients as well as current leads they are working on.  We all know we should do this kind of stuff except when a problem occurs in the pipleline, it throws a wrench in all the other activities and most prospecting goes on hold.  Consequently, your production suffers for the next month as most of your time was spent putting out fires.

If only there were a way to duplicate yourself to continue prospecting while the other you is busy running your business...

In this training program you'll learn...

  • How to Attract New Leads from Scratch from People Looking for Loans in Your Local Area.
  • Realtor Referral Building Strategies that work
  • A Secret System That Multiplies Your Prospecting Activities 
  • How to quickly and easily be seen as the obvious Go-To Expert in Your Area. 

Secondly, we offer multiple, done for you packages and services that feature the following

  • Guest Post Links From Our Inventory of Websites
  • Done For You PBN Domains
  • Content Creation Packages
Advanced SEO Strategies

Here's how the SEO process with Brian Saviano's agency works when we start a new campaign or consult a business owners with their search campaigns.

Start with Existing Keywords

First, we look at your existing rankings to see where we can improve. 

We look inside Google Analytics to see what keywords you're getting traffic from and visibility from. 

Next, we'll dive into Ahrefs and look at the existing keyword ranking report. 

This report will tell you keyword placements for your site.

Our goal is to get "quick wins" from boosting existing rankings instead of creating new campaigns from scratch. 

Make the Necessary Tweaks To Your Onpage SEO

Often we'll find missing elements, on page errors or missed opportunities with your onpage SEO factors. 

This includes: 

  • Checking Your Site Speed
  • Your Title Tags to make sure they include your primary keyword
  • Your Meta Description to make sure they include your keyword
  • Your Header tags (h1,h2,h3,etc)
  • Your Content (We have a content creation template)
Create Successful Backlinking Campaigns

Backlinks are the primary factor for rankings. 

If you've done everything perfectly with your onpage SEO, have great engagement, you still need a plan for your Off Page SEO that includes getting links. 

Not just any links will do though. 

Over the years, Google has attempted to crack down on link spam, so your Off Page SEO must focus on quality over quantity. 

Monitoring and Scaling Results

Once we begin a campaign, we'll monitor the results over the coming weeks and months while looking for new opportunities to expand our rankings over more keywords, and getting additional quality links.