Mortgage Marketing Tips Copy – Brian Saviano




My first experience in the mortgage business began back in 1995 where I started out as telemarketer while I was in college. I later rejoined the mortgage industry as an originator for over 7 years. I literally saw first hand a mortgage bubble and bust and gained tremendous insight. As a salesman, I got tired of having big fluctuations in my income as well as my production. Seemed like one good month followed by a bad month because I spent all my time trying to get everything closed. I knew their had to be a better way and I began developing systems to replicate the monotony and help me achieve a higher level of success.

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Are You Tired of Feeling Stuck in Your Mortgage Business?

Maybe you're tired of wondering where your next loan is coming from or afraid of calling your leads to much and coming off as needy... Or maybe your just caught up in the monotony of the mortgage business and run out of time...

Stop The Madness


Website Development

Because the ease of use, explosive growth of mobile phone usage, and popularity of social media, the internet has become the new phone book and where most people turn to when doing research. Consumers like to know who they are dealing with and having a website gives people a glimpse of your business and can mean the difference as to whether someone calls you or your competitor.

Search Engine Optimization

It's a fact many people use the internet, many even use their mobile phones when they have a problem or researching a project. More than 75% of all clicks in a search query go to the top 5 spots. If your website is not in the top 5 your competitors are stealing your potential clients.  Having your website show up in the top of the search engines can increase your business significantly.

Automated Follow Up Systems

Creating and nurturing leads is the foundation for evey successful business.  Unfortunately many sales people get bogged down with the monotony of their daily activities and often end up neglecting the most important component of their business, prospecting and following up with leads and those in the database.  Having an automated system can help you follow up with leads and increase your productivity so you can grow your business.