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How to Increase Your Sales

Every morning I try to start my day off with something motivating to put me in a positive state and give me an edge to help win the day.

Today I started my morning listening to Grant Cardone (Best Selling Author and #1 Sales Trainer in the World). He was talking about how to improve your sale ratios by following up with your prospects and clients. The truth is we all know we need to do a better job following up with our prospects, but not many of us actually do.

Grant said the majority (80%) of sales were made between the 5th and 12th contact. The problem is, most people give up after the first or second contact.


So the real secret to closing more sales may not always be having more leads but actually following up with the ones you already have without coming across as being pushy.

You see the reality is, is that statistics show that as little as 3% of people may be ready to buy at any given moment. The next group of buyers may be a few weeks out and just in the information gathering phase when you contacted them.

A larger percentage of people may know they need to do something but not sure what to do. So by giving up early or not following up, you are missing out on people the largest percentage of people who can become buyers.

While there will always be those that may never convert for one reason or another, it is just too difficult to determine which group is which. That is why it is important to have an automated follow up system in place that provides potential buyers with the important information they need so they can make an informed decision.

The reality is we live in an information packed world. Consumers will find data one way or another so rather than keeping it a secret, you can be seen as the trusted provider and build credibility with prospective clients any giving them the information they need to make an informed decision.

How to Follow Up Without Being Annoying

There are many ways to follow up with prospects. The trick is, how do you follow up without coming across as too pushy or needy?

First there are multiple methods of following up. You can follow up with clients manually by picking up the phone and calling them or paying them a visit. As a busy sales professional, that may not be the best use of your time. Some of the more effective ways of following up are using different medias, such as text message or email. Now if you only have a few leads, following up can be fairly simple. However if you consistently have new leads coming in and are busy doing other things, following up can be difficult. So why not automate it?

How to Automate Your Follow Up

Automating your follow up can have a dramatic impact on your sales if done properly. You can create automated follow up campaigns by answering the questions consumers have before making a buying decision. One way to do that effectively is to create blog posts (like the one you are reading) that answer the most commonly asked questions or even objections. You see the more you can communicate to prospects offline, the more time you can save when dealing face to face. Furthermore, when you are putting your sales messages out to your prospects, it positions you as an expert in your niche and you will attract better quality clients.

Once you have your list of the most commonly asked questions, turn them into a blog post which you can drip out over time. By providing them with the answers to their most commonly asked questions, they will feel like you can relate to them better and when they are ready, they will be more likely to buy from you. Once you have your blog posts written, you have to decide at what frequency to send them out. You can send them info daily or weekly. More is sometimes better, but the truth is email rates have been dropping as people’s inboxes are becoming inundated with emails. So how do you stand out?

How to Get Your Messages Read

A good way to get your messages seen is to use different modalities. So if you email on Monday, try sending a text on Tuesday or a leaving a voicemail on Wednesday. You can create automated marketing sequences consisting of emails, ringless voicemails and SMS messages with SalesPlusPro. SalesPlusPro allows users to create interactive lead forms that you can put on your website that will automatically follow up with prospects.

Another good way to follow up with your prospects is the use of video. You can create good quality videos using your cellphone. Once you create a video, simply upload the video to your social media and your website. Then you can email your prospects to the your video. This helps create personality in copy and delivers your message effectively. By positioning yourself in your prospects email box, cell phone and social media, the more they will begin to see you as the expert.

Over time, the more people you can add into your sales funnel, the clients you will convert over time with much less effort. They say if you want to be more effective at selling you should always be closing. I think if you want to make more money, you should always be prospecting.

If you would like to discuss how you can create an automated sales system in your business, you may book a free consultation by clicking here.

P.S. Having an automated follow up system that automatically sends out quality messages answering the questions your prospects already have in their heads can help you increase your conversions, position you as an expert and help you free up more time. To schedule a consultation on how to get your own automated follow up system in your business click here.